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Building Plans
From Conception to Completion 
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During this phase the team at Ridlen Home Crafters (RHC) will hold an initial meeting with you to determine if they can help you achieve your dreams. This meeting will explain the design + build process in full detail including discussion about land you own or how RHC can assist in the acquisition of lots available in an area you want to live. Approximate pricing and cost will be established in this phase to provide a transparent approach to your custom home and give you the confidence needed to move forward with the final step of phase 1.


The Professional Service Agreement (PSA) will provide RHC the needed start-up fees to cover the preliminary costs associated with the design of your new home. Some examples of these costs would be surveying, architect fees, soils tests, and preliminary design costs.

Once the PSA has been established, RHC will begin the process of making your dream become reality! A design + build plan will be created — catered to you and what you want in the completion of your custom home.


In this phase, RHC will work with you every step of the way in making critical finishing selections for your home and prepare a budget that you can submit for construction financing. As you’re navigating this process, you can be certain RHC will be your advocate and make sure you are getting the most transparent, hands-on, and fair pricing in the industry. While some builders build in profits with smoke and mirrors, RHC is always willing to offer detailed pricing to help you make the best decision for you and your home. Once a budget is established, phase two is completed with a construction contract to move forward with building your new home.

Conception to completion, it’s time to build! While every project is unique and may present challenges, RHC strives to make the homebuilding process as effortless and educational as possible. RHC clear and transparent bidding process will keep you from having surprise costs  you might experience  with other builders. For example, all builders have allowance items built into their budget, however, those are often cut during the initial bidding process to get your “foot in the door”.  You can feel confident RHC will do everything in their power to make unexpected costs minimal — due to the diligence and strategic development plan highlighted in phase 1. 


RHC is confident  you will have the home of your dreams and a positive experience.  Your satisfaction is RHC priority.

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